The Usual Suspects

Laura (Lo)

Age: 31

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Food: Lasagna, Cookies

Dream Job: Magazine Editor, Screenwriter, Novelist…so, Writer.

Current Job: Waitress

Things I like: The sound of shoes clicking, Candy, Driving through night construction, My sisters’ faces, Watching airplanes, Bugs Bunny and Crew, A stack of clean, folded towels, My Mom’s pasta sauce, Bones, Big, The way the sun feels, My niece and nephew, Everything my Dad says, Tigers, Christmas lights

Things I don’t like: Abused animals, The word “smart” as a verb, Okra, Flying in airplanes, Shopping, Small talk, Clasping someone’s necklace, Zipping someone’s dress, Folding someone’s collar, Rolling someone’s sleeve, Lateness

Ben (Bones)

Age: 28

Sign: Sagitarius

Favorite Food: Bok Choy, Filet

Dream Job: Music Producer, Castle Owner

Current Job: Tattoo artist, Busser, Audio Engineer, Freelance Composer

Things He Likes: Kung Fu, Knives, Castles, Dogs with balls, Sleeping, Jasmine Tea, Guiness, The Ghostbusters, Jackie Chan, Being clean

Things He Doesn’t Like: Bad drivers, Country music, Bussing tables, Authority, The way the sun feels, Shoes on the bed, Poop, Messes, Body odor, Texting, Talking about nothing, Being rushed

Baby Shields (TBA)

Age: Unborn

Sign: Cancer or Leo

Dream Job: Time will tell

Current Job: Growing

Things she likes: Sleeping, Pizza

Things she doesn’t like: Hummus, Tight pants

Mikey (Big)

Age: 6

Sign: Cancer

Dream Job: Human being

Current Job: Whining 

Things he likes: Being in the middle of Lo and Bones, Skittles, Sprinting, Playing rope, Sleeping, Lady crotches, Singing 

Things he doesn’t like: Being alone, People that wear hats, Showers, Dread heads, Feeling left out, People that walk funny or carry big things, Motorcycles, Nail polish

Our Family

The little two are my niece and nephew, Joey & Julia. They make me ecstatic to have kids. I miss them everyday. 

My sisters are wearing those pink dresses. Suzie is far left. She’s the youngest. Lisa is oldest and Mom to Joey and Julia. My sisters are…freaking awesome.

Lisa’s husband, John, always tries to step out of our family pictures but we don’t let him get off that easy. He’s between my sisters. He’s probably cleaned my car and helped me move more than anyone in my life. 

My parents are between Lee and me. Best ever.

Ben is next to me. Obviously.

Ben’s brother, Zach is next to him. I met Zach when I was 19, a couple years before I knew Ben even existed (he was very elusive back then). Zach was 15. We worked at a pizza shop together and I taught him how to drive. He is my true brother and one of my best friends.

That’s Mike next to Zach. We call him Domes. He is Ben and Zach’s “other brother,” a term of endearment that  he has tattooed on his collar bone. The words are connected by a tattoo of a bowtie. He is also nothing less than a brother to me.

And then we have Ben’s Mom, Ben’s Dad, and Ben’s sisters, Zoe in red flowers and Alix on the end. No wife got as lucky as me in the in-law department. I don’t even consider them “in-laws,” they’re just my family.

Pretty unique and amazing lineup. You’ll see.

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Paul E. Sanderson April 6, 2010 at 5:18 pm

I gotta tell you how enjoyable it is to read your blog so expressive and entertaining Hope you are feeling good and things continue on the same path. Your daughter is going to be really glad to find out how cool her folks are.

boozer April 20, 2010 at 3:46 am

i love this. we do have a great family…extended :)

Erin January 18, 2012 at 11:34 pm

it seems that we have followed two very similar “career” paths, ultimately leading to that of the physically and emotionally demanding, yet not-much-respect-getting career server. (at least “career” in my case) and just five weeks ago i discovered that i have been blessed with an unexpected, yet incredibly welcome pregnancy. in a fit of googling to gauge how long i might continue to work, i stumbled across your blog. yay! i’m enjoying every entry. i hope all is well with your family.

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